KASANA is a production company from Buenos Aires focused on Motion Design and CG based projects.

The strength of a community
There's a passionate collective of visual communicators in our country that work hard every day to create trends and provide quality.
We strongly believe in teamwork, but we also understand talent is spread away. Nowadays freelancing becomes more common, so we practice a model based on collaboration.
The power of...
Our goal is to be experts in Production, by gathering and coordinating this network of independent artists and boutiques, offering a wide range of styles and techniques.
Our role is to help everyrone focus on what they know best, so they can help us collaborate with our clients.
Our job consists in choosing the right talent for each project, giving clear guides and coordinating in a thoroughly way.
For us, this means
After years of working as a designer at leading studios from Buenos Aires such as Punga, 2veinte, RDYA and MTV, Andrés decided to start his personal project surrounded by nature and moved to Cordoba mountains.
With an extensive career in broadcast branding, his team masters typography and covers a wide range of styles and techniques.
We collaborate frequently. We've done Life Cycles together. He always brings something we didn't imagine!
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Associate Creative & Art Director

*Rudo: 2. adj. Not governed by the rules of arts.-
Both Ezequiel and Pablo have been several years in the advertising industry, working as art directors, animators and illustrators, having the chance to direct the art of 360º, brand identity, ATL, BTL and direct marketing campaigns.
They love playing with characters, organic shapes and color contrast.
"We make lots of things because we just love doing them. We just can't help it."
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Ezequiel Torres & Pablo Roldán

As a creative & art director, Jimena has a deep passion for visual arts, design and photography. She is present on every detail, from concept ideas and rough sketches to the final piece.
As a skilled generalist, José is the key to transform great ideas into a visual experience by the use of advanced 3D and VFX techniques to keep up work always outstanding.
This duo has +10 years in the broadcast and advertising industries, collaborating for brands as History, Fox, Nickelodeon, MTV, Audi and Seat.
Deep, complex and solid!

Jimena Passadore & José León Molfino

Subtle, delicate, sharp!
Zublime is the confluence of two complementary young, free-minded and committed energies.
Josefina was born in Rosario surrounded by colors, paintings and art. After studying Graphic Design, she turned to Illustration and started her career on children books. With that expertise she entered the world of animation, working at featured studios as 2veinte, Eloisa Iturbe, Hippie House and finally joining Zublime as partner.
Milton studied Audiovisual Design but discovered his talent for animation as a self-taught soul. His inquisitive and restless personality made him turn from a professional basketball player to start his own studio, Zublime, in just a year’s time. He developed an agile and smooth style, expressed on pieces for brands as Discovery Kids, Animal Planet, Fox Life, TLC.
From abstract to figurative, their storytelling maximizes the use of shapes, color and movement.

Josefina Preumayr & Milton González

With a fine sensitivity for Illustration, this passionate young Art Director loves to catch the invisible of things. He keeps the freshness of childhood and still fears for a blank canvas. He loves books, design, animation, synthetizers, Batman and good coffee.
Matías Santiago Oddis came from San Juan to Buenos Aires with a gold medal and a few awards.
A future rockstar!

Associate Art Director

With +10 years in the industry, Roberto has led and animated more than 100 projects for brands as Sony, ADT, V8, Whole Foods, Miller, Cartoon Network, Miami Dolphins, James Hardie, Sauza.
After studying Broadcast Production at Universidad de Belgrano (1999-2003) he focused on motion design and visual effects.
His first experience was at 3dar (2005-2009) where he started as an animator and ended directing the studio's bigger projects.
He founded Kasana in 2010 with the idea of providing the best creative talent from our country and developed a workflow that counters all limitations that remote work may bring up.

Founder & Creative Director

After working for 5 years at 3Dar too, he earned a solid experience in animation, compositing and supervising teams.
Along these years, he's coordinated dozens of projects for brands as Arcor, Swift, Sauza, Pepsico, Danone, Coca-Cola, Puma.
He deeply knows each stage and needs of production. He plays a key role in making things happen.
Tomás and Roberto have been team mates since they both started. They faced challenges together and share the same thoughts about production.

Executive Producer
Coronel Cetz 43, 9°33,
San Isidro (1642), Buenos Aires,
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