With more than 15 years of experience, we deliver high-end Motion Graphics and Visual Effects communication pieces.

We are animators who became producers.
Our job is to build the right team for each project and help everyone
focus on what they know best.

Your idea, amazingly crafted.


We can achieve either Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

TV Commercials, Broadcast Branding, Explainer Videos
Motion Graphics, Design, 2D, 3D, Character Design and Animation, Cel Animation, Director, Mograph
VFX, Compositing, Particle Simulations, Rotoscoping, Sky Replacement, CG



Kasana is a creative production studio from Buenos Aires, focused on Motion Design & CG.
We practice a model based on collaboration.



We build a team for each project and effectively guide resources towards the goal.
The team is arranged according to the project needs.


We centralize the key aspects of a project and get help from collaborators on each specialty, 
always putting our bit on it and helping everyone focus on what they know best.

We have large pool of creatives to choose from, which keeps growing everyday.
This way we can achieve any kind of piece, having no limitations on style or technique.


Some brands we collaborated with:



Founder / Executive Producer / Director

With +10 years in the industry, I was lucky to lead and animate more than 120 projects, facing challenges of different kinds and collaborating with brands as Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, Bloomberg, ADT, V8, TEDx, Whole Foods, Miller, Cartoon Network, Miami Dolphins, James Hardie, Sauza.
After studying Broadcast Production at Universidad de Belgrano (1999-2003) I focused on motion design and visual effects.
My first experience in the field was at 3dar (2005-2009), where I started as a junior animator and left the studio after having directed and coordinated a good bunch of projects.
I founded Kasana in 2010 with the idea of seeking the best creative and technical talent from the region, so I put efforts on developing a production model that counters any -not all- limitations that remote work may bring up. And I'm happily motivated on improving it everyday!

Feel free to get in touch: roberto@kasana.tv


What's your project about?



Artists who we collaborate and share thinking with.