Notes on our Pricing

  • After receiving your brief, we analyze production needs and time frame and give you a fixed price for the project under some listed parameters (time for production, style, duration, technical things, etc).
  • As every project requires different resources and time, we choose not to work on a daily or per-second rate.
  • We were lucky to handle different budget sizes and we are flexible with your possibilities:
    • We can either give you a quotation, the traditional way, or;
    • You can bring your available budget and we adapt resources in order to make it happen. This is easier for us and will save us time.
  • Smaller budgets limit our possibilities but still may be enough to meet client's expectations, so don't be shy.
  • Bigger budgets, they are very welcome, of course. This definitely expands our possibilities by bringing more talented people into the project.
  • Tight schedules make production harder and we assume more responsibility. So it increases the number.
  • No delivery date: we prefer to agree a final delivery. This way we know how long our team will be booked for and we avoid the project to be endless.

You still need a price reference,
please pick a project from our Portfolio and we'll give you an estimate.


Terms and Conditions

On every quotation, we usually include a list of terms and coditions, similar to this one:

  • A 50% of the total costs is required as an advance payment for starting the job.
  • The balance should be cancelled within 30 days after delivery.
  • The quotation includes only the items expressed on “Range of the project” section. Costs may vary depending on changes in the production requirements.
  • Any shipping costs are not included.
  • Quotation expires in 10 days.
  • Final clips can be included in Kasana´s and collaborators' portfolio once authorized by the client, with the proper credits list.
  • All prices are expressed in US dollars.
  • If starting date is delayed, all dates should be modified proportionally.
  • If production time is extended, a proportional extra charge may be applied.
  • Client must provide feedback on the agreed dates and it must correspond the the stage of each presentation. Changes in content after approvals may result in extra charges.

There's always a way.


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