Notes on our Pricing

These notes don’t have numbers. It’s meant to expresses some general criteria and point of view about this topic.

  • After receiving your brief, we analyze production needs and time frame and give you a fixed price for the project under some listed parameters (time for production, style, duration, applied techniques, etc).

  • As every project requires different resources and time, we choose not to work on a daily or per-second rate.

  • We were lucky to handle different budget sizes and we are flexible with your possibilities:

    • We can either give you a quotation, the traditional way, or;

    • You can bring your available budget and we adapt resources in order to make it happen. This is easier for us and will save us time.

  • Bigger budgets, they are very welcome, of course. This expands our production possibilities in terms of resources.

  • Smaller ones, don’t be shy. We are always interested in doing cool projects that express our versatility. Sometimes it’s about using a simpler technique or putting focus on a particular aspect of the project, to reduce workload and complexity.

  • We prefer to agree a Calendar/Schedule, which includes kick-off, presentation, feedback and final delivery dates, as well as stages (e.g. storyboard, design, animation). This has to be agreed before project kicks-off.

  • The schedule could be modified during the project (due to changes in the brief, or rolling back progress, or delays, etc). The revised schedule has to be re-agreed. Keep in mind this is likely to produce more costs on our end, so it could result in overages.

  • We may also request schedule changes if it’s convenient for the project. Sometimes things take less time than expected and it’s better to move forward with the next stage earlier. Could also be to give more time to one stage and take it out from another one.

  • We can’t predict what may come up during a project, but if we all stay on track, production goes more straightforward (beside all creative challenges every project has) -proven.

  • Tight schedules make production more complex and we have to assume more responsibility. So it may increase the number.


You still need a price reference,
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Terms and Conditions

On every quotation, we usually include a list of terms and conditions, similar to this one:

  • A 50% of the total costs is required as an advance payment for starting the job.

  • The balance should be cancelled within 30 days after delivery.

  • The quotation includes only the items expressed on “Range of the project” section. Costs may vary depending on changes in the production requirements.

  • Any shipping costs are not included.

  • Quotation expires in 10 days.

  • Final clips can be included in Kasana´s and collaborators' portfolios once authorized by the client, with the proper credits list.

  • All prices are expressed in US dollars.

  • If starting date is delayed, all dates should be modified proportionally.

  • If production time is extended, a proportional extra charge may be applied.

  • Client must provide feedback on the agreed dates and it must correspond the the stage of each presentation. Changes in content after approvals may result in extra charges.


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