Reel / Montage

This is a montage of our best work. We hope you like it!

Motion Graphics, Animation, Art Direction, Design, 2D, 3D, Swiss design, vector graphics, title design, illustration, visual effects, compositing, VFX, explainer video, infographics, animated video, CG, computer graphics, CGI, character animation, cel animation, healthcare, pharma, medical, advertising, broadcast, branding, production, post-production, matte painting, concept art, buenos aires, argentina, tv commercial, corporate video


Collaboration is about flexibility.



We are proud of this community of artists.
Since we started in 2010, we were lucky to receive collaboration from 50+ freelancers and boutiques, who helped us in 100+ projects for foreign and local clients.
We strongly believe Collaboration is about building creative teams, guiding their talent to client's needs and thoroughly coordinating.

Directed by Kasana
Production Director: Roberto Connolly
Art Director: Santiago Oddis
Animation: Juampi Sciaccaluga
Sound Design: Tomas Rajlevsky


Caro Torres / Facundo Sanchis / Roy Sly / Marcelo Hsu / Santiago Caffarena / Cristian Raccio / Sebastian Livingston / Martescorp / Malditomaus / Monica Gallab / Ozono / Váscolo / Nazareno Alba / Andres Miguens / Rise Studio / Sud3D / Santiago Crescimone (3er Espacio) / Lucas Carracedo / Kid Gaucho / Sabrina Prieto / Alejandro Biscione / Martin Muerza / Santi Zoraidez / Mauro Frano / Armando Frezze / Javier Jauregui / Juan Molinet / Javier Girona / Mariano Viglianti / Delafia Studio / Cez Comerci / Sol Fortuny / Mauro Misiewicz / Lucas Totino Tedesco (Hula Music) / Juan Manuel Zarraga / Gabriel Agustin Freire / Eloy Krioka (Place) / Jose Leon Molfino (Stato) / Sebastian Gutnisky / Martin Cocchi Nan / Juan Huarte / Julieta Soloaga / Yonathan Gonzalez / Francisco Kitzberger / Pablo Olivera / Bleed VFX / Sebastian Curi / Inland Studio / Santiago Oddis / Juampi Sciaccaluga / Juan Huarte / Facundo Poviña / Juliana Pedemonte / Sol Linero / Emilio Girardin / Matías Perez / Gabino Calónico / La Chinche / Nazareno Rosso / Tamandúa / Pablo Grato / Lucas Scala / Nicolás Ortiz / Juana De Marco / Benja Dato / Micaela Podrzaj


That's why we love it!
Because we can afford different styles and techniques.