We produce this way



  • We work on a flexible basis, where we combine remote and in-house freelancers as well as small studios. -And us.
  • Certain things on production are centralized here and we get help from collaborators on others. -This way everyone focuses in their specialty.
  • We work "cloud based" (the project is synced with all our team members). -Sometimes we need access to files after leaving the office.
  • The following notes are not mandatory. -Every project has its own turns and twists.
  • There's always a learning curve between us.

When does Kasana get involved?

  • We need a starting point and your help at the early stages. -It will take us a lot of effort to learn about your client the way you do.
  • You bring the initial script / idea. For example, this could be a voice-over text script. The more ideas you bring, the easier is for us to understand your goals.
  • We always add our point of view on the script / ideas to help you communicate what you're looking for. Like "we need to fill this scene with more images, let's discuss."
  • We prefer to know this in advance as it affects the scope. Locking a script may take longer than expected.


  • On every project we build a team.
  • The collaborators are chosen according to the project needs.
  • We prefer to keep the team size and members as an internal choice at Kasana, but we are still open if you'd like to propose someone.
  • We are open collaborate only in one area (let's say Animation) and/or work for other directors.
  • And us.
  • We keep working on growing our network of production resources.

What happens next - Exploration & Pre-Production

  • Our goal here is to find a style and bring ideas down to concrete elements that tell the story.
  • So, together, we search and narrow visual references. We search through the web for inspiration.
  • Kasana arranges team.
  • We build a Storyboard* while we work on the Styleframes**.
  • Until both are locked. -This story will look this way.

*What we need to get from the Storyboard is to understand what happens on each scene clearly. -The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Black and white sketches are good for this.
**We design a few frames from the script and present you a couple of options. Then we narrow until approving the Style.


If we put good efforts during the first stages of the project, we'll reach the delivery in better shape. Proven!


Production - Design & Animation

  • We start designing all scenes / frames from the approved storyboard.
  • We build a Boardomatic (sync storyboard frames with VO). If it's convenient, we also build an Animatic.
  • Once a bunch of designs are approved, we start animating them.
  • Presentations, back and forth, and so, until finishing all remaining work.
  • Final adjustments.
  • All approved!


  • Sometimes the deadline is hard. -They have to publish the commercial on September 8th because it's tied to a big campaign.
  • Other times this is flexible: no deadline. This is good because we can adapt the calendar to our workload, and flexibility helps if something comes up during the process.  -However, we should still agree on a delivery date and follow a calendar.


  • While bidding, we propose a basic calendar, which includes final delivery and general stages of production.
  • After the project is awarded, we add some presentation and review dates. It's even better to agree on some dedicated "feedback from client" dates too. This helps keeping the project on track.
  • We overlap as stages and tasks as possible.
  • We aim to follow the calendar as close as possible, but at the same time we have to be pragmatic. Sometimes everything goes straightforward, and sometimes...

After Delivery

  • Well, you know our Portfolio is built from the projects we do for our clients + experimental work.
  • So we appreciate your efforts in authorizing us to publish it in our website and social networks.
  • Release date and Credit list are previously approved by you.
  • Our collaborators would like to publish it too. Always with the same credit list and clarifying their role in the project.
  • If any of these can't be accomplished, we understand. We just need to know it in advance so everyone is clear on it before committing.

Process is never perfect but, if there's a collaborative spirit,


We'll do great things together!


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